We are the 'hash house harriers', a loosely knit international group with chapters in every major U.S. city and 164 countries around the world.

 The hares are leaving

The Hounds give chase

A typical hash involves two volunteer members (hares) leaving a pre-arranged meeting point with a fifteen minute lead. Using flour thrown from a backpack the two (hares) mark a trail through woods, tracks, roads and trails for the 'pack' to follow in an effort to catch them before they reach the ending spot where the beer is hidden!! To get there you have to follow the trail the 'hares' have marked. the whole concept is based on the ol' English game of "hare and hounds". 

Group Grope before the hounds go after the hare.

The hounds enjoying a beer.

The trail is typically 12-15 miles in length and covers a wide variety of terrain. There are no membership fees to join. If you are interested simply show up at one of the hashes. Our hashes are on bikes (mountain bikes). We meet every other Sunday in the afternoon at 1 pm.