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The Florida Interbash 2014 is over

Details about Interbash 2014
A very successful interbash took place.

History of the Interbash
who started the florida interbash? the interbash was started by 'patch work quilt' & 'suck me dry' from the palm beach bikos way back in 2002. since 2005 the interbash has been kept relevant by 'itchy hairy bunghole' and 'i dream of weenee'. the year 2015 will mark the 14th consecutive year of the Florida Interbash. the Interbash is meant to be a social gathering of all the florida bike hash groups. we get together, get some exercise on bikes and socialize over some cold beers, but not always in that order. florida bike hashers have traveled from orlando, palm beach, brevard county and beyond for each and every interbash. many of these years we have even had a hasher from the Cleveland, Ohio area join us. some pics of previous interbash events.